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Introduction to AI-Powered SEO Writing

One of the most valuable skills any freelance writer can learn is SEO writing. In this post, let’s get into what it means to be an SEO writer and how you can add SEO to your content writing skills to enhance your market value.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of creating content in a way that helps search engines like Google, Bing, TikTok, and YouTube understand what different web pages are about. SEO improves the visibility of published content, drives website traffic, and increases the chances of searchers clicking on the content.

Keywords and Their Importance

Keywords are the queries, questions, and topics people use to find things online. They form the foundation of SEO. For example, you may search for a Queen Latifah song from 1993, inquire about what your hamster can eat, or look for picnic tables on Walmart and Amazon.

Understanding keywords and their intent is crucial. High-intent keywords are used when people are ready to make a purchase or take action. As an SEO writer, you need to incorporate relevant keywords into your content to ensure it aligns with searchers' queries.

SEO and Its Impact

In the current digital landscape, SEO writing is CRITICAL for visibility online. Businesses rely on being able to show up in Google search results to get new customers. So, it makes sense that SEO writing consistently ranks among the top in-demand skills for freelancers.

Automating SEO Writing with AI

AI technology has revolutionized the field of SEO by automating and streamlining the process. AI tools can assist in keyword research, content optimization, and even generate SEO-friendly meta descriptions. In fact, the meta description for this post? Generated by ChatGPT.

ChatGPT, Jasper, SurferSEO, Rytr, and a host of other AI-powered tools enable SEO writers to work more efficiently to produce high-quality content that aligns with search engine algorithms. Yassss!

Uses of AI for SEO

AI can automate keyword research, providing valuable insights into popular search queries and related keywords. Tools like Keywords Everywhere (I have this one installed as a Chrome extension) and SEMRush (I use this one weekly) provide search volume data and related keyword suggestions, simplifying the research process for SEO writers.

In the screenshot below, you'll see on the right side, Keywords Everywhere automatically generates a panel of keyword suggestions for any topic I search in Google. It also displays an approximation of the number of Google searches initiated for that query and similar queries every single month.

Screenshot of Keywords Everywhere, a tool that helps streamline effective SEO writing

Additionally, AI-powered writing assistants such as Storychief and SEMRush Writing Assistant can help optimize content for search engines. They offer recommendations on keyword usage, readability, and overall content structure to improve SEO performance.

An Example of SEO in Action

Imagine you're driving and you ask your phone, "Hey Google, where can I get a Thai iced tea near me?" Google promptly displays results ranging from nearby restaurants serving Thai iced tea to recipes and Q&As about the beverage. Even food delivery services and online retailers may appear in the results.

Screenshot of Thai Tea SEO in action

If you own a Thai restaurant, your objective is to rank higher than competitors and be one of the top recommendations. To achieve this, you need to optimize certain pages on your website for the term "Thai iced tea" so that search engines like Google prioritize your business.

Enter the SEO Writer

What Is an SEO Writer?

As an SEO writer, your role is to create content that allows search engines to find and present it as an option when people search for different topics. It involves extensive research, identifying patterns, and finding various ways to talk about the same topic.

Services Offered by SEO Writers

SEO writers handle various tasks to optimize websites. Here are some common ones:

1. Setting up Google Search Console and Google Analytics 4: These tools provide insights into how people find and use a website, including keywords, visitor demographics, and online behaviors.

2. Setting up and Using SEO Plugins: WordPress websites often utilize SEO plugins like Yoast, while other platforms may require alternative tools like Storychief or SEMRush Writing Assistant.

3. AI-Assisted Keyword Research: This involves creating a list of keywords based on client goals and target audience. Identifying high-intent keywords is essential for driving conversions. Yes, you can have AI assist you with this to speed up the process, but once AI is done, you need a pair of human eyes on the results to make sure the right keywords have been identified.

4. Creating AI-Assisted SEO Articles: SEO articles are well-written, informative, and authoritative, incorporating multiple relevant keywords to attract search engine traffic.

5. AI-Generated Meta Descriptions: Meta descriptions provide concise summaries of web pages and are essential for search engine understanding and click-through rates.

6. Writing Snippets and Answer Targets: Snippets are concise answers displayed in search results. SEO writers can optimize content to appear in snippets, increasing visibility and authority. This one becomes HUGE as Google transitions us to the Search Generative Experience and snippets get included as part of the knowledge panel.

Google's Search generative Experience screenshot

SEO Training Courses

To learn and refine your SEO writing skills, there are various resources available:

1. Websites and YouTube Channels: Check out,, SEMRush, Income School,,,, and for valuable insights and tutorials.

2. Free and Paid Courses: SEMRush offers free courses with certifications, Udemy provides paid options for

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SEO writing is a valuable skill for freelance writers in today's digital landscape. By understanding the principles of SEO and leveraging AI-powered tools, you can optimize your content for search engines, boost visibility, and increase your market value. Stay updated with the latest SEO trends and techniques to remain competitive in the ever-evolving world of digital content creation.

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