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About the Creator

Want to learn more about the creator of Let’s Be Freelance Writers? Cool. I want to learn more about you, too. Let’s do it.

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Time freedom, flexibility, and income stability.

My name is Sorilbran Stone. I’m a content strategist and something of a digital marketing beast. And I have been a professional writer for the past 12 years.

I have a passion for helping women to achieve self-sufficiency. Not striving. Not toxic independence. But stability.


The kind of time freedom and flexibility in your schedule that affords you the chance to spend time with your family and homeschool your kids, if you want that. The kind of income stability that allows you to take vacation time without worrying how doing so will impact your paycheck.

The kind of income stability and confidence that allows you to walk into the relationship of your choosing, not being relegated to being a woman who’s waiting to be chosen.


Honey, life comes with plenty of challenges. Money doesn’t have to be one of yours.

Where You Might See My Handiwork

Over the years, I have bylined and ghostwritten thousands of articles. I’ve released research reports that have been archived with industry pubs such as Statista. And there are hundreds more articles I’ve commissioned, proofread, and published on behalf of different brands and digital publishers. Here are a few names you may recognize

A Little Bit About me

For the past 12 years, I have lived in the Atlanta Metro area and worked as a content creator. Not in the YouTube-video-making sense of the term. I help brands, publishers, and thought leaders build out their media libraries.

I basically specialize in turning any business – every business – into a media company of some sort.


Over the course of the last decade, I have ghostwritten 64 books. I have created dozens of courses and training programs. I’ve built and rebuilt websites. And I’ve had a hand in creating thousands of pieces of written, audio, and video content for brands and publishers.


Doing so has provided me with a pretty good life. Sure, I have dreams and goals I’ve yet to reach. But I’ve also reached quite a few of them.


My goal isn’t to make you rich. I’m not promising you a six-figure business. I’m promising you that by joining this community and taking Let’s Be Freelance Writers, you will gain a skill that will open the door for you to live how you want, earn what you want, and build those forward and upward relationships.


I’m just promising you a shot. That’s all. Just a shot.

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