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Welcome to Writers Are Marketers! You're in the right place if you're a new writer or an experienced freelance writer who wants to double down on your industry by grabbing the content marketing skills you'll need on your way to becoming a world-class content marketer. 

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AI x Search: How Google Decides What Content to Show

AI x Search: How Google Decides What Content to Show

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#1 Join Us On Facebook

Enroll in Writers Are Marketers and get access to my private Facebook Group for people like you who want to learn how to write for a living. 

Here's What You Need to Know About Writers Are Marketers

Whether you want to enroll in a structured program, or you prefer a less programmed route, Writers Are Marketers will take you from novice to content marketer.  

#3 Hop on Live Calls

This is where the value of this course takes a giant leap forward. When you enroll in the Full Course, you can schedule Office Hours, join Live Q&A sessions, and get Feedback for your writing.

Learn What Works In Real Life

Consider this content marketing course your blueprint to a whole new career. No time or money wasted.

Still undecided?

Get a free our 5-day mini-course sent right to your inbox.

Starting something new can be tough. You have to manage both your own upskilling as well as the uncertainties that come when you go back to being a beginner. But having the right guidance can make things easier. This training will help you make a seamless transition into the freelance writing market. 

Hey! We see you! Your first lesson should be in your inbox... right... about... now!

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